Sunnyside World - Beta

At last an update to Sunnyside World! well, partially... I've just uploaded a preview 'beta' of the new tileset, this isn't the final final version - that'll be coming soon - but if you want an early look, you can! For those of you that use Gamemaker Studio, ive included the project file that includes the scene I've created above. The character sprites in there are just for testing at the moment, I still have a lot of assets to tidy up and organise, but yep, if you want a preview, try it out! And again, the final version will have all the assets saved out so you can use them in whatever software you use. Finally, a reminder again that the assets are not licened for reselling or as NFT's. Enjoy! 


Oct 21, 2022

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Hello, I just noticed the great update!
This asset is beta, but it is already an exciting asset.

I cheer for you from Japan. Plz keep up the good work! ;)


Hello I have a question, when will you be adding the animals?

Hi danieldiggle is it possible to add a note in the files for each tileset with the information of intended use, like tile width and height and optimal animation speeds? Thank you

I'm trying to make a tile palete in Unity, but  the props are not fitting into the 16x16 windon Can anyone help me?

In the sprite assetbefore you add ir to the tile palette, you can set the Pixels per unit, to 16 pixels

Oh good! I'm planning a farm game with GameMaker Studio, this pack fits like a glove, I just bought it! Now I need to learn how to use it, it's still quite complex for me, I hope the examples can help me. I also hope you keep adding more features. A big hug from Brazil my friend!

do you have any tips on spritework? im working on a game with forager-like art so it would help

hi! Never found the fire sprites and the old guy in the packs :(, are they included?

Hi there i want to buy this Assets, but had few questions about it.
1. Is a Color Palette that you're using included ?
2. Are all Animations just sideview (left/right) or are they available in all 4 directions?
3. Will i get upcoming updates of this Assets 4 free after the purchase :)?

Greetz :3

There's no particular colour pallete, some of the base colours are from the 'edg32' palette available on, but have been altered.
All animations are sideview, simialr to games Forager or Atomicrops.
And yep, all future updates are for free!

are these compatible with autotiling?

Yep, most of the main masses are already set up as autotiles; land, paths, building bases, clouds, forest etc. The roofs you place by hand - for flexibility, but mostly all autotiles.

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So, I bought your pack and can't figure out if it is 16x16 or 20x20 🤔

16x16 for main tile set and 32x32 for the forest tiles.

Well, that's weird. 20x20 seems to be the one working.

What program are you using?! those tiles are 100% 16px ?! 

Unity... but even in the pixel art editor it is in 20x20.


I have no idea! I've just double checked the file and its 100000% 16x16. You must be resizing it or importing with padding or something. This is only a preview file, but it'll be the same so im not sure what the issue is!

Hey, really love the pack. I can't find any animals in the pack. Chickens, Cows, Sheep etc.


There’s a preview of animal sprites in the Gamemaker file. Separated assets will be provided when I upload final version. 

Ahhh awesome, can't wait! Thanks for the updates!

and when is that? its really hard to find things in the pack as it looks to be a lot of GM studios files but almost no sprite sheats

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The set is really looking great! One note though; the ties go underneath rail tracks: 


😂 my brain switched off drawing those. Yep, will be fixed in final version 

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This isn't necessary, but an idea for a future pack version would be an extra-large goblin/troll boss. Also, a future update could include chests where users can store multiple items (similarly to Minecraft) or use them as extra inventory space...

Some basic minecarts and tracks added! 

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Woah! The minecarts/tracks look amazing! I couldn't tell if cows were included in this update, though.  Thanks!

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Hey, is it possible to add minecarts and tracks? I have some ideas for games requiring minecarts, (rail) tracks, pickaxes, etc. Minecarts would allow the player to move quickly over the level... Awesome update, though :D

Nice to see that you are still working on this amazing asset pack.

This looks incredible, thank you for continuing to update this pack really looking forward to the finished version

Asset layers you monster!

Is water tile animation possible? I don't think animation is possible for water tiles in the previous design. I don't know where it is

There are animated tiles for the waters edge in the tile set. There’s also a background water layer texture that is animated with one of the built in shaders in Gamemaker. 

Looks amazing!