Sunnyside World - New Update

Updates to Sunnyside World are nearing completion. Fully updated tilesets; new tiles, trees, decorations, internal items, animals, mineable ores, clouds, water, waterfalls etc. Lots of stuff ! Coming very soon.

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Finally an update!  I really want to use this but I need interiors first.

wow this asset pack is top notch! Happy to see you are still updating it! Mucho potential! I love your art style! Thanks for sharing your talent with the community! 

When ?

Wow, finally an update! Great!


Thanks for still working on it, very appreciated! Your assets are very good.


Super excited for the updates!  Thank you!

I was very close to thinking this asset pack was dead. Thanks for the update, I appreciate it.

Thanks! one question... i'm working on a survival game (farming, building, ...) do you have any plans with cooking assets in a camp fire? Anyway, it will be very appreciated a correct format for tilesets that supports autotile. I found very difficult to use your assets, and finally for terrain i'm using another (sprout lands), and i'm only using your characters for the players, enemies and friends.

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Thanks for still working on it, very appreciated!

If i'm not mistaken, one of your screenshots shows you're using gamemaker, would it be possible to provide a gamemaker file with the autotile templates you're using please?, it would save us gamemaker users a big amount of time figure out how to set it up^^

I am glad to see that this project is still going ahead. Is the "ROADMAP" shown in the home page still valid?, or it has changed?