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Some of you were asking for more UI assets for an inventory/shop etc.
The above example is created with the assets already in the UI psd, making use of the 9slice boxes. The only extra thing I did was change the colour of 2 boxes. Hopefully it can give you some inspiration of what can be created with them! if there's still something specific you want in the UI, let me know!  - Oh, and the UI is of course made up, so it's not meant to be anything specific! 
NOTE: The font is one I just grabbed from Dafont - there's lots of great pixel fonts there for free.

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Nov 27, 2020

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In case anyone comes across this, know that a bunch of the animations and artwork in the preview are *NOT* available, this haven't been updated in a long time, and the dev is unresponsive. The art that is in it is high quality, but just know it's not as advertised! 

Hi there! I found this asset pack 2 days ago and i was really excited about it, well, can i know what isn't available?

That could be really disapointing because the sprites in the previews look absolutely awesome and they're exactly what i want, but maybe what i need is all included

What specifically are you looking for? I bought it so can look through the files and tell you if what you want is there or not

oh thanks!

Aside the skeletons and goblins, i think i need everything there shows to be. Also,  there's a post about it but i don't get it, are there interiors to the buildings available?

I just searched and could't find the interiors.

Sorry :(

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It's fine, thanks!


The interior are available in the zip sunnyside_world_assets_v0.2. You can find them in the png v0.1. Anyway, you are right, because this asset is uncompleted... I'm making a game and i'm thinking if its worth to still using this asset pack or use another one

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where is inventory ??  I bought the package and I can't find it.


status "in development", but has not received any updates for a long time. The developer is unresponsive on multiple platforms. Many things in the mockups are not downloadable. Big mess in files, hard to find anything. 30$ for this poor content is a joke. Just don't buy it so as not to support the leech.

Made a refund a year ago. Still no updates lol

How to refund on itch?

Ask support to refund this pack

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I mean a bit rude but I guess I could see why? Haven't downloaded myself because I'm a kid with no money. Not to mention you added this pack to your collection "Supported by Zabbo Games"

the order of games is done automatically from the last ones bought


Some animations on the main page aren't available in the downloads after purchase. No response from creator on multiple platforms. Unfortunate.

Great Wizard of Sunnyside: do you have any update news?

This game uses Sunnyside pixel art! I did not make it, just sharing it here.

Tiny Island Survival

Hello  danieldiggle!  your work looks very awesome. Can I make a inventory system after buying it and sell this inventory system in the Unity Asset Store?(I promise to only pack the necessary resources and not all.) Or I can only use it for game development?

My English is poor, sorry, this is google translated.

Anyway, have a nice day today


Hey, it would be cool if you could make farming buildings like barns or silos and greenhouses. In addition, animals for grazed pastures.

Great Wizard of Sunnyside: do you have any update news?

Hi, well done for your work it's great, you provide a map with examples using the contents of this pack?

awesome pack!

Would it be possible for you to provide an Attack Down + Attack Up animation? I'm making my characters to attack automatically so having those animations would really help


Is the tree's getting-chopped animation (where the tree shakes and leaves fall off) included in this pack? Amazing work! Thank you!!

Keep it up

Yo, all of your work is so incredible. I can't believe you're offering all this. I can't wait to use this pack soon!

Your pack is awesome so far however after the interior update can we get an exterior one to decorate the outside of our house like in animal crossing? (you don't need to have millions of items though but enough for the player to design there their village to their liking

Great design! Definitely inspiring me :) What was the name of the font you used? I have tried dozens and just haven't liked any of them for one reason or another.



I think it was '04b03' (that's the font name). The others I was playing around with were; Retro Gaming, Pixeled, Digica, Press Start 2P... so many out there! Though sometimes I draw my own too.

Can we get more hair options ? 

Do you mean animated hair for the characters or just for the head icon in the UI kit? 

animated for the characters ! I like the curent selection of hair just wanted to know if there would be more styles. 

Ah, probably not - at least not anytime soon. There's hundreds of frames of animation and they need to be placed by hand for each!

This is cool; I made my own though :D