Let it Grow!

Ok, so, I'm running a little behind on some of the updates I've been preparing, but I've just added a beta version of the 'crops' seen in the above image. In the downloads section is a zip with a PSD and collection of PNGs. The png's are straight exports so they are the size of the asset.
I will probably create versions that all align at some point so they're easier to impliment, but for now, the raw assets are there if you don't mind some tweaking of positions. There are 6 assets for each crop; seed, 4 stages of growth and a seperate 'harvested' asset too.
I've removed the white outline so you have the option to add that in code if you want it. 

More updates coming soon. It's been a hectic month but keep peeled for more! 


Feb 27, 2021

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maybe im blind... but i bought the whole bundle ... where are the chickens ? they are beside the beautiful look of this assets the main reason i bought this set :D

best regards!

Are the exteriors come with seasons like spring/winter?

Thanks for the updates man; they look great.

Nice update! I'll be adding these new assets to my game soon! :D



These are great. I particularly like the chicken! Would be great to get more animals in the future (sheep, cow etc)


A cow would be much appreciated indeed, for a Cow Level :P