Hair's Here!

I've finished and added a first pass of all the character animations being split into parts - and - have pixel animated the different hair styles for every animation. Very labour intensive, but the little pixel bounces in the hair look really fun.  At the moment I've just included a single colour for the base and tool layers, you'll want to use pallete swapping in your game engine - or recolour as to your needs. (otherwise there would be waaayyy too many sprites)

Also, keeping the tools layer seperate you could choose to use the tool sprites from the UI folder and code those as the carried item, giving you full control over how they're animated. This would make it similar to Stardew Valley or Forager in how they use tools. Or you can stick with the handcrafted animations!  

Remember you'll need to colour change the hand colour on the tools layer too. I could change these to generic white gloves so that you'd only be changing the head colour, but this might look a little gnome or smurfy. There might still be some issues - if you come across anything let me know. Definitely some bits still to tweak but might be enough to get you going.

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Dec 28, 2020

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Good job splitting up the parts; I'm formatting a paper doll from the pieces; there's one slight issue; I was able to correct this myself, but others might not be able to: the bowl hair strip also includes the head.

I'll check that out and get it fixed! 

There were actually some heads in other hair styles; I didn't check them all yet though.

Perfect, thanks

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Great quality stuff!

Very nice, plan to build a game with this wonderful assets in the future.

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great work! thank you

haaaaaa. omg thnks, that's awesome!

that's awesome!